Once inside you’ll learn… [red_tick_list_small]
  • Simple, easy to understand ideas that you can apply and use today. Not some super virtuoso trick that might take years to master, but usable ideas that you can use to play great sounding music now!
  • Step by step video lessons (44:17 seconds of video to be exact) to take you from where you are now, to being able to easily hold your own at a local “jam session.”
  • 30 pages of tab and content to help you get maximum benefit from the video lessons. Each lesson is filled with classic licks that can take your playing to the next level.
  • A collection of jam tracks that you can use to apply your new found knowledge right away. Using jam tracks is the quickest and most fun way to really make these new ideas your own.
[/red_tick_list_small] And that’s just a tiny sample! You can get started with your first video right away. Just fill out the short, easy form on the right to get started.